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All Grown Up

August 23, 2015

So much has happened lately that it’s hard to write everything. So I won’t. But what is really important to me right now is that my littlest, my almost-18-month-old will be starting Kita (daycare) tomorrow!

It’s incredibly bittersweet. I’ve enjoyed our time together so much. I feel privileged that I’ve been allowed to spend that additional 6 months having him with me full time, seeing him grow, learn to walk, speak, use a fork and spoon and drink from an open cup. A lot of this I let go by without it really being a ‘big deal’ with P. I was eager to start work again, to be me and to have the free time I needed to bloom.This time, I have stimulation for my grey matter through my freelance work, as well as wrangling the kids!

Of course, I can barely wait to begin this new phase of our lives- Mammy goes to her office and works and gets to pee, drink coffee and talk on the phone without small companions, yay! I’m ready for it but perhaps I’m going to be the one crying the most tears when it comes to leaving him…
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