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Boys, Babies and Thinks of a Mompreneur

March 3, 2015

So, once again, it’s been a while. I’ve absolutely neglected my blog, even though I’ve shut down my other blog/s because I simply don’t have time to write anything. You see, it appears that raising a baby, a four-year-old and a new baby of a business isn’t conducive to having time!

The last year has been an amazing journey. Since little L came into our lives, it’s been non-stop: I started training for my new job as a Maternity Concierge and Baby Planner soon after he was born. The ladies from the company, for which I freelance came to my home and showed me the ropes. The rest, I’ve been learning on the job and through a network of amazing experts, who are patient and kind, despite inane questions from me! I want to do this job for the rest of my life: It’s so much fun and helping people is what I was born to do. I only wish that the German government would hire me and pay me a steady salary to do this job so that the people who really need it and can’t afford it could also have access. Maybe one day…

My first client baby will be born any day soon and I am very excited about helping more pregnant women, fathers-to-be and new families coming to Berlin, looking for help and guidance in English.

I have also extended my maternity leave to look after baby, since there appeared to be no daycare spaces until August. This is the unfortunate product of living in the district with the most families in Berlin. I love it here but that sucks. In any case, we now have a spot from August and I will be going back to my old job in October. Hopefully to do something stimulating and fun, rather than the crap that happened the last time I returned from maternity leave…And the concierge-ing and planning alongside. It’s going to be busy!

The boys are coming along beautifully: P will be 5 in May and will go to school next August (scary, scary!). He recently had surgery to improve his ablity to get air into his nose and mouth and is like a different boy: He hears better, speaks loads more and no longer snores like his father! L will be 1 on Friday. He’s crawling, clapping, waving and babbling like there’s no tomorrow. It’s amazing and I’m already blown away by how my two kids interact. I admit, I was terrified and asked myself many times “Wtf were you thinking when you said you wanted two kids!?” in the early days but that feeling of terror hat petered out since P no longer runs away when we’re out and L is mobile and can ‘play’.

Of course, there is lots of fear: Money is the biggest one. I also am afraid of being a bad parent and a bad partner because my time is so limited. However, “this too shall pass” is still emblazoned in black ink on my wrist and I know it to be true.

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