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Scar Tissue – Birth Story

March 31, 2014

Just under 4 weeks ago I was sat in a taxi, on a towel at 3 in the morning. No words can describe the elation I felt at the prospect of having a natural birth. Disappointed yet relieved are the words I’d use to describe how I felt when that didn’t happen.

Giving birth can be very painful. No amount of hypnobirthing or Ina May can change that. Your body goes through so much. Your baby goes through more, poor mite! After 12 hours of (well-controlled) pain, an epidural that only worked on one side and lots of position changes, there was just no way the baby’s head was going to fit through my pelvis- it was in the wrong position, a little like my last child’s, his heartrate was dropping and the amniotic fluid was brown. Sod natural birth, I was having another caesarean- they would simply open up my old scar and get my distressed baby out.

We got SO far in a fraction of the time of my last birth (which was induced) – I was 10 cm dilated and already feeling the infamous ‘urge to push’ (which, in case you wondered, feels like you need to take a big poo). Even more devastating was the epidural situation: In their arrogance, the anaesthetists tried to insert the catheter between contractions, though these were 30 seconds apart (the head anaesthetist actually had an argument with the midwife, who wanted to give me something to slow down the contractions). In the end, I still had sensation on my right side so they unexpectedly put me to sleep on the operating table, leaving my scrubbed-up man outside.

When I became conscious again, I waded through foggy dreams that made me forget I was even having a baby to see my wonderful partner with a gorgeous baby on his bare chest and couldn’t help but cry with happiness (and admittedly, a little confusion). When my little, chubby-legged baby was put on my chest and immediately went for the boob, all of the pain of the last 12 hours was absolutely forgotten. This, my friends, is the way we’re biologically programmed to forget so that we have more offspring!

So yes, I didn’t get the birth I wanted and I still have to come to terms with a few things but the end product was the same- a healthy 4505kg / 56cm bouncing baby boy!

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  1. Meg permalink
    April 1, 2014 09:33

    Wow, what a big baby! And I thought my 3900gram/53cm baby girl was big! I like your “things they don’t tell you about birth” approach. This baby is my first, and when my pushing contractions started my first thought was, “I need to poo SO BADLY”…it took me a good 20 minutes to figure out what was actually happening. I was on all fours when she was born so the only thing in my field of vision at first was a tiny hand, and that was enough to forget the previous 17 hours of exhausting labor. I’m so sorry that your birth didn’t go as planned but very glad that your baby boy arrived healthy and happy!

    • Mama-L permalink
      May 2, 2014 12:30

      Thanks Meg! It’s pretty crazy, the stuff we go through to make small Humans and to raise them to become big Humans! 🙂

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