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Tantrums and Runaways

January 19, 2014

I have feet in my ribcage and had to physically restrain my 3.5 year old in public for the second time in as many days, getting absoutely filthy in the process. Colour me fed up.

There was a time when I felt a slight inner smugness that our son didn’t really have so many tantrums. I learned his triggers, you see and was able to circumvent the oncoming storm with pretty decent success.

In the same way, he never really was a ‘runner’. I was always pretty safe taking him to the playground, even one without a fence or gate around it. Now, with my 34 week waddle, I’m at my least mobile so far and this of all times, he chooses to begin little independent expeditions out of my sight, usually running in the opposite direction to me and he recently had two of the most epic tantrums I’ve ever experienced.

Honestly, any smugness has been truly wiped off my face and shoved up my jaxie. There have been at least 3 worrying disappearing or running away episodes in the last 2 months, one that could have ended fatally (running in front of the rubbish truck, whilst it was turning into a side-street). The tantrums, whilst well spaced out are emotionally draining for us both and I am truly at the end of my tether on all accounts.

On the subject of ‘tethering’, I’ve decided, with much soul-searching, to go with that seemingly exclusively British thing and will seek out the reins (which I bought to secure P to the highchair when he was smaller) because strapping a wriggling toddler, screaming “Help, help!” into a buggy just isn’t working out for me at this point in time. I’m sure everyone is just gagging to find out the results of that little experiment! I shall keep you posted….

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  1. January 20, 2014 13:34

    I have considering the child leash many times. The airpost made me especially want one. I want to hear more when/you you get one…

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