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The Perils of Pregnancy

December 6, 2013

We’ve reached the 6 month mark in the creation of Baby 2.0 and suddenly I feel like a whale on legs and not very sturdy legs at that! My pelvis is knackered so the plan to put up that curtain rail and clean out the cellar has become a little redundant. My independent and controlling nature (and nesting instinct) is having none of this, however so I have to curb the physical activity by writing to-do lists and watching crap on TV, in the hope that Handy Manny will pop by when I’m finally on maternity leave (come January).

Hormones rage within me. So much so that I nearly physically assaulted a fellow parent in Rheine last Sunday on the return journey from Münster to Berlin. Honestly though, some people are absolute busy bodies! Our 3.5-year-old was having a big old tantrum because we wouldn’t let him get off the train by himself, commando crawling up the stairs to the platform for the next train so, as you do, we let him be (carrying him usually ends up in a lot of flailing about and not much progress). Some woman with a baby strapped to her chest, toddler in tow runs up to our son and grabs him by the arm, trying to get him up so I politely say, “Please do leave him. He’s simply having a tantrum” and she responds with, “He’s only a little child, can you not help him climb the stairs?” Politely again, I explain to her that she doesn’t know the backstory and to perhaps not interfere with my affairs. When she responds in the same way, I lose it and raise my voice to H that I can’t stand interfering people and she should leave my child the f*ck alone! Fists clenched, it was more than I could do to keep them from meeting her stupid face! Hormones, like I say…

So structurally, I’m knackered; hormonally, knackered and I don’t think my breasts are returning to their former glory anytime soon. Oh well, I’ll have a cute little baby to fawn over pretty soon and that’s reward enough for the perils of pregnancy! 🙂

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