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Half Time and Longing for Britain

October 20, 2013

We’re at the halfway point of ‘up-the-duffness’ already and so much has happened in the last weeks, including the bringing to life of a little side-project, my first try at public speaking (yes, it was reading stories to a group of young children, but still!), a little holiday in Germany, followed by a longer one in the U.K. and some hard-core toddler stuff.

I’m both mentally and physically ‘back’ now, though there were a few days after our trip to see my family, where I wondered whether living in Germany is really what I want long term.

We all have those wobbles but more and more frequently, I find myself having to rationalize why living here is better for us than living in Britain. It’s like leaving a relationship and wanting with all your heart to be reunited with the person you loved for all those years but the sensible part of you- your brain, gives you a list of reasons why that person isn’t the right one for you!

My heart says (in a whiney voice), “The people are so much friendlier in the U.K.”

My head says, “Actually, you’re right in general- the majority of people are friendly and helpful but could you leave your clothes by the side of the lake and go swimming without worrying about it all being pinched? Could your child wander around naked without gasps of shock and horror because “Maybe there’s a pedophile” somewhere within the nearest square mile?” We have some trust issues, Great Britain!

My heart says, “My family is there”

My head says, “Bingo! But would you choose to live in the same area as your family if you did live in Britain? Would there be jobs? Would you even know anyone anymore?” Probably not, eh?

There are probably many more reasons than just these two but I reckon if I delve any deeper, I might start thinking those ‘British thoughts’ again! So I’ll have a cup of imported British tea and enjoy my Sunday evening watching German TV instead…

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  1. October 22, 2013 08:59

    Just remember: there’s no Tatort in England 😉

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