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Get Down with the Sickness

August 14, 2013

Written on 29th July

Another draft post, waiting to be published until after the news has broken. I think it’s a good thing to write all this stuff down. Just in case I forget again.

We’re heading into 10 weeks and things have gotten easier, on account of the fact that I told work that I’m expecting. I didn’t particularly want to divulge the fact so early but when a gynaecologist signs you off sick for a week, there’s not an awful lot of excuses you can invent. Frankly, I’m very glad that events turned out that way. I got to have a week off to relax and the annoying nausea subsided considerably as a result of no longer having to hide my ‘little secret’.

It’s funny that I barely remember the first trimester of my pregnancy with Philipp. I seem to recall eating a lot of ginger, packed in little tinfoil packages and going home for a nap as soon as I’d finished work. Certainly,  if I could go back a couple of months and give myself some tips, they would be the following:

  • Eat small, regular meals- If you don’t, you’ll find yourself feeling sick, weak and you won’t fancy anything in the kitchen cupboards.
  • Everything that you ate in the first few weeks of your pregnancy, you’re likely to hate once the nausea starts. Don’t stockpile anything!
  • Your tummy will almost immediately remember what it did the last time you were pregnant. Wear loose clothing if you wish to keep your pregnancy to yourself for any period of time.
  • You will feel exhausted. Put as much as possible on the back burner and take time off where possible. Don’t feel bad for being flaky and accept help when offered.

What would your tips for newly-pregnants be?

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