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The Rejection Game

August 10, 2013

Rejection. It sucks, doesn’t it? But it also happens to all of us from time to time, if not every day. I recently read that the trick is to welcome rejection into your life and to make a game of it. It’s called rejection therapy and I first found out about it through a random blog link posted on facebook, pointing to this presentation at TED

I did consider doing rejection therapy and even mentioned it to a colleague. Then I got scared and thought better of it, because rejection is scary, isn’t it? Little did I know, the worst kind of rejection was just around the corner for me…

After asking for more of a challenging role at work, I was taken into a meeting on Wednesday and told that my contract won’t be taken over by the company I work for (which has been sold by its parent company, with whom I’ve retained a contract). Effectively, I’ve lost my role in the company and will have to leave my team and colleagues to take on a role in the parent company (which is fortunately still in the same place for now).

That felt like rejection and even a smack in the face. I felt like an old horse, being sent to the knacker’s yard. The whole thing stunk of “You’re not good enough”… but I’m more resilient than that!

I’m turning this rejection around. It’s what I wanted afterall, just dressed differently. I get a ‘new job’ in a company I’m familiar with, possibly more responsibility, a new challenge and I have more job security than if I was starting at a new company. So actually, taking a risk and being rejected can turn out to have positive consequences. Perhaps I’ll do rejection therapy afterall?

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