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Tummy Time

July 29, 2013

An important baby was born last week. Little Prince George Alexander Louis, third in line to the throne, all tiny and wrinkly and red. However the majority of media focus was not on this wonderful new life but the appearance of his mother, the former Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

It’s a sad, sad world when on the day that the future King and Queen present their baby to the world, all eyes focus on Kate’s lovely hair-do and most of all, on her shrunken but still-present baby bump.
OK! Magazine got the brunt of the criticism, with it’s main feature on Kate’s post-baby weight-loss regime. Many campaigned for boycotting the title, with which I wholeheartedly agree.
There were not only negative reactions to Kate’s post-baby body though- some women took to the internet, stating that she’s a great role model for other women or brave, purely for displaying her post-partum bump and not hiding from the spotlight. WTF?
People: Pregnancy is one of the most amazing things a woman’s body can do. From the moment of conception, her body is changing, adapting, committing absolutely astounding feats to successfully bring new life into the world. It sickens me that all we can think about is how BRAVE someone is to show how a perfectly normal woman looks after their body has stretched and grown in order to complete ‘mission motherhood’.
And it just continues to prove to me that as women, our bodies are STILL considered public property to be praised or slandered at will. And that’s really not ok with me.
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  1. Kim Douglass permalink
    July 30, 2013 08:41

    It’s really not okay with me either. I had my own very important baby last Wednesday…and while I did not deliver an heir to the throne or as famous as Dutchess Kate, I still find there to be pressure from peers, friends and even family to just ‘snap back’ to my former self from last October. I am not the same person I was last year, or even last week. My priorities have shifted to my newborn princess and away from myself. This is not to say that I do not plan to take care of myself ever again…but there is a healing period that I am entitled to. People need to stop judging people (especially celebrities and public figures) based on what they look like. Notice that Kim Kardashian has been hiding out? I would too if I were her. We have become a society of heartless vultures.

    • Mama-L permalink
      July 30, 2013 10:07

      YES! Aren’t we as women supposed to be supporting each other in all facets of our lives, rather than judging and bitching? Congratulations on the birth of your own little princess. I hope you can relax and enjoy the wonders of motherhood, even in sloppy pants and baggy tops! xx

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