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One Month Later

June 11, 2013

Ah! My goodness, how the time flies and here we are, one month after mother’s day, heading towards father’s day like a runaway freight train. Yes, father’s day’s this Sunday. I hope I haven’t unpleasantly surprised anyone!

May was a month of happenings: The Summer arrived, after what felt like an eternity of rain (which shouldn’t bother me as someone who lived in Manchester for 7 years but I’ve been spoiled after 6 years in Berlin!) and our little boy turned 3 so we travelled to the other end of the country to visit Oma and some extended family members at the farm on which Oma grew up. Here are some pictures of our little jaunt:


Pic 1- Baldouin the randy alpaca
He once tried to bonk a dead sheep. True story.


Pic 2. Bees
This was my highlight as we actually got to eat honey from the comb. YUM! The orange nobbly bits are the males, which are created only for the purposes of reproduction (I see a running theme here…)








Pic 3: Chasing sheep. Who needs a sheepdog?

Pic 3: Chasing sheep. Who needs a sheepdog?


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