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April 14, 2013

My smartphone is a real bone of contention with Him-in-doors. It feels like even a glance in its direction in his presence warrents a death-stare, never mind actually typing a facebook post or reading an email!

I can understand: I mean, how annoying is it when you’re with someone in the same room but they’re thinking about something or someone else or messing with something and simply not concentrating on enjoying time with an actual person? Especially when that person works shifts so you rarely are in the same room.

The seed was planted on hearing about this book (sorry, it’s in German but the title is “Facebook makes you stupid, blind and unsuccessful”)- of course, it was HIM who told me about it (small victories, my love).

I don’t think the content of the book is telling you to drop facebook altogether but the synopsis seems to suggest that the author offers a sort of ‘digital therapy’. This therapy is claimed to enable you to make the best of your internet persona, reduce stress, save time and create success. Great!

Though I’ve yet to buy the book, I’m wondering what will happen to me if I don’t use facebook for a week. Of course, the world won’t end, but how will I feel? Will I have more time, less stress? Will I miss out on anything important? Will anyone miss my activity?

Here begins my journey, starving myself of facebook for a week in order to discover what the world was like in olden times 😉

Watch this space to see how I manage…


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