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Sexism, Gender Roles and RAGE

March 26, 2013

The internet is a wonderful thing. As a normal user, you can communicate with friends and people you don’t know from Adam, all over the world. As a business user, you can open up quality 2-way dialogue with your valuable users/customers (and less valuable ones). You can publish the ins and outs of your everyday life on facebook or twitter, from what you ate for lunch to how often you took a crap, to the quality of the loo roll in McDonalds’ bathroom. You can maintain anonymity, be whoever you want to be and/or become famous overnight. You can also start a sensation with the strangest of things….

I’m a fan of “I fucking love science” on facebook and was more than a little disturbed by the way people went on when the group admin, Elise Andrew posted a picture of herself on Twitter. I guess many reactions were ‘nice’ but the fact that there were so many reactions is testimony to ingrained gender roles that still prevail today.

Shock, horror, women can do science too! I’m pretty sure our brainzzz are just as capable of taking in the complexities of many things, it’s just that until not so long ago, women insterested in science were most probably shunned by male counterparts because the only flame a woman should be dealing with is that of the gas cooker, not a bunsen burner! Needless to say, there’s still a long way to go towards equality.

On the flipside, I caught the backend of a current affairs TV show on Friday night that touched on men in childcare. How awful it is that we’re conditioned to automatically assume that a man in childcare might have a hidden motive for his choice of vocation! It’s complicated, I know and I don’t have any of the answers, just a load of burning rage.

I think it’s important to keep this rage burning- only then will I be motivated to change the things that are wrong with the world, a little bit at a time.

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    March 26, 2013 21:18

    I think you’ve got every right to have the rage over this – conceived gender roles is a particular bugbear of mine – this misconception – ney, I’d go as far as prejudice – that men aren’t capable of being good caregivers as women and the fact that they are interested in looking after kids at all makes them dubious… it makes me mad too. Surely it is good for kids to see and have a male role model at kindergarten – just seeing women there just reinforces the idea that being a kindergarten teacher/assistant is only “womens work” and that should not be the case. The fact it is also an undervalued profession is another valid and sad point. Funnily enough, in the underground in London today, I saw several ads aimed at recruiting male primary school teachers. It would be nice if these ads appeared in Germany too and more was done to increase the numbers of male kindergarten and primary school workers.(btw, I don’t wanna annoy anyone with this, it’s just my lowly opinion:-) ) ta, n x

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