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March 14, 2013

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the future A LOT. Then my horoscope came up with this:

You may be obsessed with finding your true purpose in life, Scorpio. Although you may not like to admit it, this could occupy your thoughts a lot. Try not to be so stressed about it. Realize that knowing your true purpose can take many years, even a lifetime, of careful thought and observation. Try to focus on enjoying more of the daily moments. You may just stumble onto the answer you seek.

Haha, fate, you cheeky little b*stard!

Almost a week at home with me being ill, as well as my little man has had me going stir-crazy. I can’t relax. I find it hard to enjoy my time with P. If I sit down for five minutes, I’m thinking about what needs to be done or checking my mails, or facebook. SO many thoughts in my head, so many ridiculous things on my to-do list (none of which I’m getting done?!) I need a holiday, man. Or something needs to happen!


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