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January 16, 2013

On Tuesday after our very middle-class (English language) music class (with mostly German native parents and their trendy Mitte kids), making our way to the u-bahn station we were almost mown down by the mother of a small baby and her tank-like pram coming out of a shop. I managed to get ahead of her, only to have her catch up at the crossing and attempt to overtake me to get into the lift down to the platform. Being the least weighed down, I managed to beat her in the speed stakes and sailed effortlessly into the lift in front of her.

Well of course, there was a complication: Unlike babies, who just lie there any don’t do a whole lot, except bring immense amount of joy to their parents with the very hint of a smile, toddlers need to, especially ones that light up. As we glided into the lift with our streamlined buggy, all bets were off then P cried out “Press the button!!” The 2 seconds it took to honour his request, were clearly too much for Tank-Mum, who gruffly demanded that we move a little bit forward into the lift to that she could get in. Gosh, I felt like taking the bitch down there and then!

Mummywars: Do not cross a woman on the edge!

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