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December 17, 2012

There’s already a weekend between now and 20 people being shot dead in a primary school in the United States and I only just picked up the news today.

You say goodbye to your child at the school gates or to your beloved as they drive off to work and the last thing you expect is for them never to be coming home. How could something like this happen? So many innocent lives ruthlessly extinguished in a matter of minutes and why- because a young man wanted to play with guns?

It turns my stomach to think that there can be so much evil in the world in which I’m raising my son. I have to weep when I think about those unopened Christmas presents that those who were killed will never open; the destruction that is happening to the lives of those left behind; the not knowing why at that school, on that day the most unspeakable thing had to happen and the trauma that witnesses will suffer, probably for the rest of their lives. One act… So many massive aftershocks and ripples across the world.

I don’t want to discuss US gun laws, I don’t want to go into the reasons why, I just want to make some room in my otherwise normal, happy and peaceful life to think about those poor, shattered individuals who have lost the most important people in their lives forever.



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