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Christmas Shopping Extravaganza

November 26, 2012

The ever changing faces of cuppateaanyone! Ranting, parenting, Berlin and now shopping? “Just what will come next?”, I hear you cry. Well, let’s get the shopping over with first, shall we?

Before I became a mum, I loved shopping. Then I became a mum and all those unhurried browsing and trying-on sessions became ‘quick-just-get-it-in-the-bag-and-leave’ shopping trips. I no longer browse- I take a list and do it supermarket-sweep style, meaning the chocolate and sweets aisles are simply a blur as I skid by to get to the loo-roll. Gifts are generally purchased online from the comfort of my laptop and clothes are generally bought when I’m in the UK.

For the first time in forever, P and I ventured all the way to Ku’Damm for some retail therapy (or torture, depending on your attitude). Actually, our goal was KaDeWe but we got adventurous and meandered on down the main drag of Berlin’s Western shopping district, a barrage of mainly foreigners carrying us along (on the wrong side of the pavement), with only a short stop at THE MOST friendly and lovely-looking McDonald’s I have ever entered in my 32 years of life.

We came, we saw, we left pretty much empty-handed due to a massive tantrum, which only goes to show that shopping and toddlers do not mix.

Anyway, to help dull the memory of disparaging stares from the German public, here are some Christmas gift tips from me and P. Enjoy!

Online / Mass-produced

Lense mug

Lense Mug by Urban Outfitters. 27.99 EUR from online store.


The Deutsche Guggenheim Museum, Unter den Linden 13/15

Though I’ll reserve judgement on the exhibitions there, the Guggenheim’s museum shop is frickin awesome. From snazzy books to CDs of lullabye versions of Metallica tunes, moustache mugs and biscuits with your very own personalised QR on there, you can pick up some innovative little trinkets. Go on a Monday and the museum is free.


A Jar of scone mix

Yummy Mummy’s Cherry Oat Scone Mix
(photo taken from Yummy Mummy Kitchen’s awesome blog)

I saw something similar in KaDeWe and was shocked at the extortionate price for something that’s so easy to do yourself. Click on the photo to see full instructions.

I also discovered some great creative ideas for making your own Christmas gifts here.

Online/ Hand Made

Dawanda, Etsy, Not on the high street– Mostly hand made, unique treasures of loveliness. Well worth a browse.

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