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Christmassing it up in Berlin

November 24, 2012

Since we got back from the UK, I’ve been living pretty much for the day. This is down to tiredness, caused by the ticking timebomb that is a 2.5-year-old. Honestly, it’s like being around a sensitive relative when you’ve had a few too many glasses of Christmas sherry and forget about ‘that thing that must not be mentioned EVER’…

Which brings me nicely to the Christmas thing. OH.MY.DEITY… Where has the time gone?! In only 4 weeks we will be winging our way to the UK for P’s first British family Christmas, unfortunately without Papa. Papa doesn’t seem to mind so terribly- prior to me stumbling into his life and turning it upside down, he mostly spent Christmas without a whole lot of pomp and parade.

To me, Germany does Christmas exceptionally well: Tannenbäume, Glühwein, Christmas Markets and the fricking PLÄTZCHEN! The tastes, smells and sounds are just amazing. AND they (like a few other European countries but not Britain-boooo!) have the equivalent of an additional Christmas-gift day- ‘Nikolaus’ on 6th December, when the kids get little presents in their (polished) shoes when St. Nikolaus comes to visit.
This is all highly exciting stuff if, like me, you’re a lover of the festive season and having kids only intensifies the whole buzz for me.

If you feel like getting out and seeing what Berlin has to offer around the Christmas theme, here are a few tips from us:

Harrods at Deutsche Bank

No, you are not misreading! Harrods, complete with a bus full of teddies has taken over Deutsche Bank’s Q110 ‘Bank of the Future’ on Friedrichstrasse. Definitely worth a look in for gifts or longed-for comfort items like Christmas pudding! There’s even a crafting corner for the kids and an area at the back where you can enjoy a relaxing coffee, whilst kids wreck the place.


A tip from a girlfriend and fellow mummy-blogger, we went here today to see what we could see. It was worth it just for the giant teddybear on the chair, oh and the Reese’s Cups from the Gourmet-Etage weren’t too bad either.

The toy shop was a bit of a disappointment if I’m honest and the window displays could never better those of Fenwicks but hell, it’s Christmas and it’s free (if you can resist temptation).

Christmas Markets

I like the one in front of the Rathaus, near Alexanderplatz because it’s not too big and there’s a big wheel, a small ice rink, as well as some childrens rides. They also have a little show with Father Christmas suspended on kind of overhead track in his sleigh, which whilst umimpressive to the trained adult eye, could be interesting for younglings.

Similarly, the market on Potsdamer Platz is nice and central, leading right into the Arkaden shopping mall, where you can warm up (and leave with a lighter wallet) if you’re sensitive to temperatures with a minus in front of them. This Christmas market pulls out all the stops, with a bloody great big ramp made of ice, down which you can slide. Great for older kids and bringing on premature cardiac arrest.

We didn’t go last year but we probably will try to get to the Nikolausmarkt at Pinke Panke Children’s farm in Pankow.

There’s also a small Christmas market at the Abenteuer Spielplatz on Kollwitzstr on 1st December, which might be fun.

Happy festive season, everyone! I’ll be the one slumped in the corner, inhaling Glühwein fumes…

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  1. November 25, 2012 17:44

    Thanks for the tips, looking forward to checking some of those out!

  2. November 30, 2012 15:18

    Yay for Plätzchen and Christmas markets! If it weren’t for them, I’d be hiding away trying to pretend it wasn’t actually December yet – this year’s gone too fast!

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