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Blind Faith

May 18, 2012

Whilst I was at that wedding, I picked up a book from my bookworm hosts since I’m running low at home in foreign parts.

‘Blind Faith’ by Ben Elton was an excellent read, so much so that I made my way through it within 2 days! I was, however slightly disappointed with the main protagonist’s fate, which you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Anyway, the setting of the book was what interested me the most: There’s been a big flood. Most of London appears to be under water. There is no longer a government, the Temple is in charge, making sure that the people are kept under control with the wrath of the Love (God). The people live in dirty, disease-ridden tenements where infant mortality is the norm and vaccinations are considered the work of witches. Citizens walk around almost naked as nothing more is private: Everything is there for the taking, with live streams from every home, street, workplace, well, EVERYWHERE. The more vociferous, obnoxious and ‘spiritual’ you are, the more respected you become. Reason, thinking for yourself and believing in evolution, among other things, are illegal.

The similarities between this and real life are quite stark. We are constantly watched, we fight for attention but there’s too much out there to be able to focus on one thing for long, if you want to ‘be in the know’. We freely disclose things that are often rather private, things that 50 years ago wouldn’t have been discussed/shown even in close circles. Sex is freely available, everywhere (think youporn). Anyone can be famous but you’re only truly famous if you get enough ‘hits’ on Youtube/Retweets on Twitter/’likes’ on Facebook and so on. You can easily plagiarise information and opinions and you can even buy your education online. Oh, and some people even think vaccinations are the work of the devil.

I guess it won’t be long until Global Warming has half the world under water as well. Nothing like a global crisis to open the door for a new wave of extremism. And there you have it, Blind Faith. Scary.

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  1. May 19, 2012 22:59

    I’m off to flick through my book of ‘kittens playing with yarn’ to balance things out before I go to bed.

  2. July 16, 2012 19:31

    Sounds like a good book. After seeing pictures of Newcastle the other week it does sound way too close to reality though!

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