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Merry Multiculti Christmas

December 26, 2011

Once again, on account of H’s job (where taking holiday in December is NOT ALLOWED… bah humbug), we stayed in Berlin for Christmas. Whilst last year, Philipp was too small to really understand Christmas and all that it brings, this year he’s much more tuned into it and that has made it much harder to be away from the traditional family Christmas day that I celebrated for 29 of my 31 years of life.

There’s no point in complaining- it is afterall the season to be jolly, so we set about reinforcing our own Christmas traditions that we started last year..

According to the German Christmas rulebook (or at least the rulebook according to H!), Christmas begins on the 24th December when darkness falls. Dinner is prepared and eaten  and then gifts are exchanged. Because the British Christmas rulebook is written slightly differently, we decided last year to split the gifts into German and English: German gifts are opened on Christmas Eve after our non-traditional Christmas meal (accompanied by a little British tradition: Crackers) and English gifts on the morning of 25th.

Last year, we also ate another ‘special’ meal on 25th but as H was working, P and I went to visit some friends of ours, who were wonderful hosts and kept us fed, watered and entertained late into the afternoon, though I did have a momentary wobble thinking about missing my Mam’s sausage stuffing!

Today is Boxing Day and H has the day off so perhaps we’ll take P’s new bike for a little spin and get some exercise after all the food and sweets we’ve eaten over the last 3 days!

I’d be interested to hear what other people’s favourite, missed, multicultural or just plain odd Christmas traditions are…

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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