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Bon voyage, Joannie

December 11, 2011

It’s the festive season and many good things have happened so far. A friend’s baby girl, whom I had the joy of meeting today came into the world on Thanksgiving; Philipp and I made a trip to see my side of the family, our first time flying without breastfeeding and my best friend and her man have moved near to where my family lives, which means I can see them whenever I go home!

Just because Christmas is nearing doesn’t mean it’s all glitter and glühwein though: This weekend, a very bright star went dark: Joan Swift, an exceptionally brave, strong and inspirational woman lost her battle against cancer. I didn’t know Joan so well in person but she touched my life like that of many others with her harrowing story, her immense strength of character and over all, her will to survive and make the best of let’s say absolutely shitty circumstances.

I don’t think I can do the life of one person much justice with a blog post but I’m going to ask if maybe my readers could perhaps cough up some of the cash they might have otherwise spent on a couple of pints / glasses of wine this Christmas as a donation to Willow Wood Hospice, where Joan spent her final days.

Be kind to eachother, people. Life is so, so precious.


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