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Goodness gracious, big balls of…. cake

November 25, 2011

Baking trends, they’re all over the place if you look for them! First it was cupcakes then it was macaroons then it was whoopee pies and now it’s cake pops! Yes, cakes on a stick. Excellent idea if you can work out how to get cake to form the shape of a ball!

The internets said that to do this, you bake a cake, destroy said cake, whack in something gooey, form balls and freeze so that balls remain, well,  ball-y. However, this was a whole load of faff, in which a mother of 1 with a part-time job just doesn’t have time to indulge. Hence, my new toy!

Cake pop machine








It’s a Babycakes cake pop maker. No babies are harmed in the baking of cake pops, though they shouldn’t get too close to the machine as it gets VERY HOT indeed.

My first batch unfortunately stuck a bit to the non stick (sic) plates but the 2nd turned out really well after I greased up the machine. I decorated them with some yellow Candy Melts and sprinkles. To make the Candy Melts more liquidy, I added some Palmin Soft (coconut oil)

Cake balls









This was just a little experiment so they aren’t stunning but they taste bloody lovely!

I’m looking forward to getting creative with more balls of cake when I return from a little pre-Christmas break with Philipp and my family in the UK, armed with some more cool baking supplies. Watch this space!

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  1. November 25, 2011 21:29

    Hi there I came across this post while searching the web for places that sell cake pops in my area. It seemed like it would be such a hard project to do it at home but it looks really simple! Where did you get your machine, I’m dying to get one now. Anywho I’m sorry this comment is all over the place I’m just really excited about cake pops now especially with the holidays coming up. If you ever have anyone looking to buy cake pops instead of make them send them over to I found the site and they are super cheap! I better let you go and please email me about the machine if you get the chance thanks 🙂

    • Mama-L permalink
      November 26, 2011 20:14

      Thanks for the comment. I got the machine from a stockist in Germany, where I live but it’s made by a company called Babycakes in the States:
      Unfortunately, for that very reason I doubt I’ll be able to have cakepops shipped to me from the site you recommended but very good for inspiration!

  2. November 26, 2011 14:06

    Is this the latest cake trend? God, I am so out of the baking loop! I have missed the macaroon trend and the whoopee pies completely. Have I been in a sugar-induced coma since cupcakes??? Please bring me one when I see you. And what are yellow Candy Melts?

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