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Take me back to the Nineties!

October 26, 2011

Ahhhh, the Nineties….. like the 70’s but with condoms and cheap booze rather than free love and big fat joints.

Ok, when the 90’s began I would’ve been 10 years old and even for a child of a working class family, living in a council house that’s a little too early to be starting with an alcohol-fuelled whoring career. When the 90’s ended, however there was a never-ending stream of booze and debauchery ohne Limit (as the Germans would so concisely say).

Actually, the debauchery was relatively limited due to various life occurances such as being a religious nutter for a couple of years and then having a very lovely boyfriend from rather early on in my uni years (Hello, Matt, if you’re reading this!) I did however have an utterly awesome time, especially in my first year at uni in Salford….

Indie clubs (Muttz Nutz- it’s the dog’s bollocks), 70’s nights, ‘rainbows’ (invented by Mr. Bird, carried forth into the world by many), Revolution vodka bar, walking round in the Mancunian rain, unable to find a taxi driver willing to take us back to Salford, cheese toasties and tea after a night out….

I think the prospect of turning 31 in a week’s time has got me wanting to relive those golden years and I would if I could- just not in the body of an almost-31-year-old-mother-of-one. I suppose it’s time to accept that the parties I now go to are ones usually taking place in the daylight hours where the most alcoholic thing present is the tiramisu and debauchery comes in the form of a frisky game of ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’!

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