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Summer Wanging…

September 17, 2011

The plants that I tried to keep alive all Summer are dying; the trees are shedding various shades of leaf as well as hard things like conkers and little acorns (I discovered this the hard way after accusing a little boy of throwing them at me on a tree-covered playground). These appear to be symptoms of the changing of the seasons. Winter is on its way.

Gone are the days of friendly exchanges with passers-by. Actually, gone are the days of friendliness because that’s what Winter means in Berlin. Even today in the mild 21 degree sunshine there was a certain element of … I think the technical term is ‘twattiness’ in the air. A boy racer almost ran us over on the crossing; getting into a lift someone thought they would push in front of us; waiting in the queue with my ONE item, the man with 20 items was too nobby to let us go in front, despite me being accompanied by a rather agitated child making his voice heard…. Possibly just ‘one of those days’?

Has anyone ever conducted research into the correlation of layers of clothing with levels of negativity within the general public? Oh sorry, I forgot, the Germans have been wearing their woolley hats all throughout Summer…

And now, to cancel out the cynicism, here are some nice posts about Autumn:

Fiona came, saw and conkered

Mañana Mama gives us an emotional start to the new season and some further links.

And to mark the change of the season, here’s some wellie wanging for you:

Wellie Wanging

Is it baby wanging or wellie wanging?

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