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Welcome to Spießerville

May 22, 2011

Ok, I admit it: I’ve morphed into a Spießer

Once upon a time, there was a girl who grew up on a council estate. She went to a comprehensive school. Alongside ‘boys’, her favourite hobby as a teenager was loitering in the local park with a bottle of Special Red cider in hand on a Friday night. Then unusual things started to happen: Academia called so she answered with a degree; She went to Germany and got a fancy-mancy job at a marketing agency; She procreated and oops-a-daisy, slid down the slippery slope to Spießerville…

I swore I’d never be an organic-food-munching Prenzl Berg breeder but here I am, bottle of Bionade in hand, demanding only the best ‘Bio Essen’ for my little sproglet. Well, actually, it’s not that bad: For a start, Bionade tastes like shit. I also don’t live in Prenzl Berg. I have however noticed that I sometimes closely resemble the typical petite bourgeoisie parent- We moved away from a predominantly Turkish to a very white-dominated area of Berlin and if I’m honest, most of the reason for this was me not wanting my child to have to deal with more than 2 cultures/languages; only a bilinigual school will be good enough for my precious child when the time comes; I also admit my nursery preference was based on whether the food served up was organic; Ok, we didn’t have much choice in the way of nursery places but organic food was in my top 5! Oh man…. *headdesk*

All may not be lost, though- I did begin my parenting career wanting only wooden toys for the little ‘un but quickly realised that whilst they’re nice and durable, wood doesn’t entertain nearly as well as plastic with flashing lights and noises. As for nutrition, I may be pro-organic but that doesn’t mean that biscuits and sweets are off the menu (within reason). I also don’t feel that my child needs to wear a winter hat when the sun’s blazing outside. There may be hope for me yet- just walk the other way if you ever see me drinking Bionade!

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