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Happy Birthing

July 4, 2010

It’s been yet another while since I said something. I think I have a valid excuse since I was GIVING BIRTH. To a beautiful baby baby boy named Philipp. And it’s been an amazing journey in so many ways.

Of course birth wasn’t the easiest things I’ve ever done. For anyone who’s never experienced it, try imagining your innards being squeezed to an inch of their lives whilst someone boots you with full force in the back. I’d imagine that for men, this could be compared with someone kicking you in the balls at varying intensity-levels over a sustained period of time. Not pleasant.

Since the birth was induced (recommendation from the medical profession due to gestational diabetes but don’t get me started on that) the sustained period of time turned out to be 2.5 days. 2 days of on-and-off “Oh this isn’t so bad” contractions, which were effectively artificial and doing sweet f.a. and 0.5 days of “Give me the f*cking druuuuuugs” contractions which did have an effect but were in the end futile. That’s because Philipp decided that he didn’t actually want to come so he moved his head into a rather unfortunate position, which meant that with each contraction, it was whacking against my pelvis, causing his heart rate to plummet dangerously. So after 2.5 days of pain, we were raced into the operating theatre and had him whipped out by cesarean section!

Now, anyone reading this is probably considering buying a lifetime supply of one form of contraception or another but it’s absolutely true what they say; it’s a massive cliche I didn’t believe it when I was in the late stages of pregnancy but you forget all that pain, screaming blue murder, throwing your guts up, losing any dignity you might have had and rubbish advice from the medical profession as soon as that little Human Being is placed into your arms. You even discount the fact that you mentally noted that this would be very much a one off.

Of course I don’t plan on increasing my offspring just yet- being a mother to one small Human’s enough of a challenge just now but as the saying goes never say never!

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  1. Jenny permalink
    July 16, 2010 15:45

    awwww baby!!! hugs xxxx

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