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The Recluse

February 6, 2010

Lately, I’ve become a bit of a recluse. My days tend to consist of waking up too late, getting to work late, coming home not too late, staying home with my newly-procured huge TV and occasionally my boyfriend, going to bed at some point before midnight and repeating the cycle another 4 times before spending the weekend not doing a whole lot.

The main reason for this is the weather. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a hardened North-Easterner: We don’t even wear coats when we go out on the drink in below-zero temperatures. However, this may have become the hardest winter I’ve ever experienced in my time on this planet. Snow on the day before New Year’s eve turned into more snow then ice then slush then more snow came, froze and eventually, Berlin has become a sheet of dirty frozen snow, unmanagable, undrivable, unwalkable. Leaving the house could result in a trip to the overflowing hospital with a broken something-or-other. I can only imagine what minus 20 feels like when you have to sleep on the streets. Disturbing.

The second reason for this is that I’m 5 months pregnant- even more reason to not want to venture out into the icy wilderness! My party animal’s in hybernation (no drinking for now) and my shopaholic’s been put back in the box for the time being (need to save, bodily changes= no point in buying nice new clothes). As it is, I guess I’m going through a redefinition of self. Hopefully, when spring arrives I’ll have finished my transformation and will emerge as the new (allbeit substantially larger) me!

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