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The rain in Spain…

November 20, 2009

Last night I was sitting watching a bunch of Americans singing their national anthem on the box and thought “Ain’t that beautiful- a bunch of people so proud of their heritage and what their country represents to them personally”. Mindlessly, I mused about it on the book of face, not really considering the meaning of my mindless musings (gotta love that alliteration!)

So I guess I have a bunch of questions more than anything: Why do I flinch when I hear the word ‘Patriotism’? What is it to be patriotic? When is one most patriotic? Why should someone be proud of something that they didn’t create themselves- something that happens to be a simple case of circumstances? (Thanks Johnny D for that food for thought)

And now, I am going to Spain to drink copious amounts of beer, turn myself lobster red in the sun, dress inappropriately and sleep with as many people as possible in the space of a week. Or maybe I’ll just get up at 6am and whack my beachtowel on a sunbed then walk around all day in socks and sandals… See you when I get back!

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