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Nutty Neighbours #2

June 5, 2009

The drama llama came out to play again on Wednesday night and it was neighbour-shaped.

Remember this? At least this time she didn’t try to raze us all to the ground. Instead, she chucked a bunch of stuff off the balcony, hitting cars parked below and 4 police cars and lots of noise later, her door was broken down (again) and she was taken away. Where to, I do not know but I don’t doubt she’ll be back.

Which begs the question, WTF? Why is nobody taking care of this obviously disturbed woman’s mental health?

And while we’re on, what about the people who are left to put up with her actions on a daily basis? I admit, I’m afraid of her and what she might do and I want her to go away for both our sakes. What to do…..

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