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It’s life Jim but not as we know it

March 28, 2009

Since I got back from the (fantastic) holiday on Mallorca, I’ve been consistently dreaming about home. A couple of times I’ve had to make a real effort to remind myself how far away from home I am, my dreams warping my sense of distance.

There are so many things that I miss about home – the smell of one of my parents ironing in the conservatory, laying the table for Sunday lunch, spending the evening in the pub with friends, going to visit people in different parts of the country… Those things don’t and can’t happen more than a few times a year now that I’ve made Germany my home.

But let’s face it, many things have changed- not just my parents moving house but people moving away, getting married, having kids and generally moving on. So maybe I’m not pining for home but simply for how life used to be.

I guess maybe I’ve been thinking so much about things passed that I’ve lost concentration on building my life here. Ho-hum.

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